5.22.17: Statement on Both Connecticut Utility Companies Confirming Millstone Payout Will Raise Rates

For Immediate Release: May 22, 2017


statement on both connecticut utility companies confirming millstone payout will raise rates

Hartford, CT -- Matt Fossen, spokesman for the Stop the Millstone Payout coalition, released the following statement today after top officials from both utility companies serving Connecticut (Eversource Energy and United Illuminating) publicly denounced S.B. 106, a bill that would let the Millstone Nuclear Plant bid alongside wind and solar for state contracts historically reserved for renewable energy sources:

“The fact that both of Connecticut’s utility companies are together on the record saying this bill is bad for consumers and ultimately a payout for Millstone is telling. Between several studies from energy experts, countless public statements from consumer advocacy groups, energy analysts, and everyday citizens – and now a full repudiation from Eversource and UI – the evidence is clear. S.B. 106 would only pad Millstone’s profits while raising rates on consumers - which is why it’s nothing more than a corporate payout.”

The utilities’ remarks were made by Eversource President of Electric Operations, Craig Hallstrom, and United Illuminating President and CEO, Tony Marone, and appeared as a guest commentary in CT Viewpoints. Among their criticisms are that Millstone hasn’t demonstrated a financial need, the bill would cost consumers millions of dollars more, and create an economic disaster for state businesses.

The authors write that Millstone’s owner, Dominion Energy, “is asking Connecticut residents and businesses to pay more – through what is effectively a tax on your electric bill – to keep its Millstone nuclear plant afloat, even though it hasn’t produced any evidence that it needs the money.”

The authors continue: “We know that keeping energy costs stable and affordable is important to our customers and the state legislature. So why, now, would they consider passing a bill that favors the bottom line of one company over the household budgets of millions of residents?” and conclude that “If approved, Senate Bill 106, now under consideration in the Connecticut General Assembly, would force customers of Eversource Energy and United Illuminating to pay millions more for the same energy they are already receiving from Millstone Station.”